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Personalized Gray Pedometer

It is quite common to select a promotional gift during tradeshows and expos. Most of the time entrepreneurs get confused on selecting a unique promotional gift that portrays well their brand name and logo. The custom gray pedometers are perfect to serve as a portfolio for any business. The pedometers are widely used as activity counters or step counters to assess the physical activities. The promotional gray pedometers help to retain the perfect customer vendor relationship. It is a perfect employee incentive too. The vast exposure to the brand name adds to your credibility and trust among people. This authenticity really supports the brand identity in the market. Utility and durability are the two major concerns on selecting a brand promotional item. The personalized gray pedometers meet both of these. Never miss this golden opportunity to be popular in the market.

Customized StayFit Multi Function Pedometer - Gray
as low as $9.28
Order as low as: 48 Pcs
Model: PM351005
Custom Printed Grand View Trek Pedometers
as low as $3.51
Order as low as: 50 Pcs
Model: PM371114
Personalized Accent Pedometers - White/Gray
as low as $3.71
Order as low as: 100 Pcs
Model: PM53103
Multifunction Shoe Pedometer - White/Gray
as low as $3.91
Order as low as: 50 Pcs
Model: PM371027
Personalized Jewel Pedometer - Onyx
as low as $2.09
Order as low as: 50 Pcs
Model: PM371077
Multifunction Clearview Pedometer - Gray
as low as $3.23
Order as low as: 50 Pcs
Model: PM371011

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Beige Comet, Memphis, Tennessee

I am eagerly awaiting the next event on our health care calendar to order it from you guys again and distribute them to our eager clients.The earlier experience is good enough to cajole me to give a second try.

Nick Downy, Burlington, Vermont

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