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Stuck At Your Work Desk? Pedometers Will Get You Moving

Multifunction Clearview Pedometer - Green

The  hectic pace of work, unearthly working hours and hard to attain targets will all keep employees literally stuck to their work desks for long hours. A sedentary life style is thought to be the biggest cause for health issues and obesity; the growing awareness about health care and the importance of leading an active […]

Custom Pedometers- Take Your Walking Program To The Next Level

Single Function Pedometer - Red

It goes without saying that walking is one of the easiest ways to burn calories and stay in shape.  Ideally, an adult should make 10000 steps a day though anything above half this mark is considered beneficial to health. From reducing weight to building muscles and more, walking has multiple benefits that not many people […]

Stay On Fitness Track, this Thanksgiving Holiday With Custom Pedometers

Customized Multi-Function Pedometer - Molded Clip On Back Belt Attachment - Black

Thanksgiving is the official beginning of the holiday season and a great time to gorge upon lavish spreads of treats and calorie laden chocolates. For most people, it’s time to indulge in the sinless passion of eating and make plans for the upcoming holiday shopping season. Thanksgiving festivities are smattered with a neatly spread out […]

Imprinted Pedometers- Getting Fit Without Breaking Your Budget

Customized Multifunction Info Source Usb Memory Pedometer - Silver

Fitness and health care industry has become a multi billion market niche these days. People are more than willing to shell put a fortune to get a perfect body figure by paying attention to what they eat and how often they work out. Local gyms may have a lot to offer but it comes with […]

Custom Pedometers – Enjoy An Active Holiday Season Without Even Realizing It!

Personalized Single Function Pedometer - Molded Clip On Back Belt Attachment - Charcoal

The holiday season is filled to the brim with feasts and parties, which makes it all the more challenging for weight watchers to stay trim. The thanksgiving left over meals, Christmas cakes, New Year parties and tailgating parties will all make it hard to stay true to the scales for everyone! Now that everyone have […]

Imprinted Pedometers- The Best Gifts To Engage Family Audiences

Multifunction Slide Sensor Memory Pedometer - White

Finding a custom gift that will match every age group and gender is easier said than done for most marketers and that is what makes custom pedometers a cut above the rest. The sedentary life style of the modern world has made obesity a serious health issue that needs immediate attention. Marketers that wish to […]

Personalized Pedometers- Keep Your Brand Promotion Healthy And Your Recipients Healthier!

Personalized Easy Read Large Screen Pedometer - Red

Pedometers are small yet highly effective gadgets in ensuring fitness. Marketers who wish to make a positive change in the society can consider logo pedometers as their promotional tools to inspire their audience to stay active and healthy all the while putting their brand on a wide display. The best part of promotional pedometers is […]

Why Use Promotional Pedometers In Brand Building – 3 Key Reasons

Customized Multi-Function Pedometer Clip On Back Belt Attachment - Red

New business owners that understand the value of marketing will always try to include useful gifts like pedometers in their marketing mix. The more the functionality, the more will be the retention and usage of these custom gifts, which in turn will enhance your brand exposure. Choosing the best marketing gifts is a challenge by […]

Studies Find That Pedometers Help People Stay Active

Customized Simple Shoe Pedometer - Yellow

At a time when obesity has become a serious cause of concern all over the world, devices like pedometers assume a greater significance to get people on their feet and to inspire them to adopt an active life style. Pedometers keep a tab on the number of steps walked per day, which will go a […]

Bring Back The Spring In The Strides Of Your Customers With Promotional Pedometers

Personalized Flip Open Flips Down Pedometer With Clock - Blue

Leading an active life style is the best way to remain healthy and happy. Custom pedometers are a great way to help people stay fit all the while ensuring publicity for your brand.  Pedometers are simple and easy to use to keep a tab on the number of steps taken throughout a day; on a […]

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